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ISA Est. at OU in 1962

Things to Bring

Please feel free to bring clothes according to your personal tastes. This is just suggested guideline. For any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact:

Asha Chandrasekar (Cultural Secretary)

Formal Shirts 3 or 4 Plan on bringing full sleeved and half sleeved shirts depending on your personal choice.
Formal Trousers 2  
Formal Suits 1 or 2

If you plan on getting 1 suit, we suggest you to bring Black suit.

MBA students may need 2 suits

Tie 2 or 3  
Casual T-shirts 6 or 7  
Jeans 3 or 4  
Shorts/Cargos/Pants/Bermudas 3 or 4  
Belts 2  
Undergarments 14 or 15 Plan on getting more as you would go to the laundry once in two weeks
Towels 2 or 3  
Handkerchiefs 5 or 6  
Single bed sheet 2  
Double Bed Sheet 2 Recommended, because beds are of different sizes.
Pillow Covers 2-4 Get Full size covers, pillows here are big in size
Blanket(Light weight) 1 Recommended! You can buy a comforter(blanket) here for $15-$35
Woolen Gloves 1 Leather or wool. You can buy them here for approx. $5
Jacket 1or2 Recommended, and better if it works for cold as well as rain, cause here it rains and becomes cold. Not much snowfall
Thermal Undergarments 1 optional
Caps 1 or 2 Recommended, summers here is really hot. light color(e.g. Off white) preferred
For Women    
Jewelry Sets, Bindis, Saris, Salwars, Ghagras, Cosmetics   For India Nite, Diwali Nite, Dandia and Garbha nite, And other ISA parties

Please feel free to bring footwear according to your personal comfort. This list is just a guideline to what you would require here.

Slippers/Sandals 1or2 We Suggest one set of slippers to be work on your ethnic dress
Regular Slippers 1or2  
Formal Black Leather Shoes 1 We recommend that you bring it from India. Might be Expensive when compared
Casual Sport Shoes 1  
Shoe Polish 1 For Formal shoes
Shoe Polishing Brush 1  
Socks Black(for Formal Shoes) 2 pairs  
Socks White 12 Cheaply available here

Please feel free to bring any additional medicines you may think are necessary and safe to travel with. This list is just a guideline to what you might require here. Please carry your regular medicines with you. Please carry prescription from your doctors for medicines other than general medicines.

Glasses/Contact Lenses and accessories Extra Pair Optical's are very Expensive here
Nasal Inhaler [Vicks]    
Soothing Balm [Amurtanjan, etc]    
Pain Relief Spray   for fast pain relief
Antiseptic lotion [Dettol]    
Band Aids Box  
Painkiller Tablets    
Burn Ointment [Burnol]    
Tablets for cold/cough/fever/ allergy    
B-Complex tablets    
Moisturizing lotion   Highly recommended for winters

Please feel free to bring any additional items you may think are necessary. This list is just a guideline to what you would require here.

Glasses/Contact Lenses and accessories Extra pair Opticals are very Expensive here
Stitching Kit 1 Recommended for fast repair of cloths
Alarm Clock 1 You can buy electronic clock here starting from $5
Camera - Optional
Walkman - Optional, Electronic items are cheap here
Recorded Music CDs/DVD's   Hard to find Indian Cds here
Wallet[to hold Credit cards also] 1  

This list is just a guideline to what you would require here. These items are by no means the only items that you would require here.

School Bag [preferably which can hold a laptop] 1 Must- little expensive here
Ball Point Pens    
Bonded/ Clutch Pencils    
Lead Box[0.5 mm]    
Steel Scale    
Stapler + pins    
Scientific calculator   Try to get a new set of batteries in
Cello tape    
Glue stick/Glue    

Please feel free to bring any additional items you may think are necessary. This list is just a guideline to what you would require here.

Shaving Blades/Cartridges 12 Available here, buy little expensive
Razor 1 or 2  
Shaving Cream/Gel 1 Its cheaper here, but you should have it for immediate use
Shaving brush 1  
After Shave Lotion 1  
Trimming Scissors 1  
Tooth Brush 2 or 3  
Tooth Paste 1  
Comb 2  
Hair Oil   Optional, depends on whether you use it or not
Nail cutter 1 Don't Forget this
Talcum Powder - Optional
Shampoo - Cheaply Available, You can bring some 5-6 sachets to last for few days
Bathing soap - Cheaply available, but recommended to bring if you use specific brand

Please feel free to bring any additional items you may think are necessary. This list is just a guideline to what you would require here.

All the items except the masalas are recommended only if u have luggage space; they are also available here at Indian Grocery stores at reasonable prices. You can bring masalas according to your taste. Personal discretion advised.

Tip: Your mother is the best judge.

Tea Leaves 1-2 Kg  
Instant Coffee   Cheaply available
Turmeric Powder [Haldi] 250gms  
Mustard seeds [Raee] 250 gms  
Red Chilli Powder 250 gms  
Masala 250 gms  
Dhane Powder/Dhaniya Powder 250gms  
Jeera [Cumin seeds] 500 gms  
Asafetida[Hing] 20-30gms  
Sambar powder   2 packets if buying from store
Chole Masala 5-6 packets Recommended, because chole is chepaly available here and cooked frequently
Pav-Bhaji Masala 3-4 Recommended fast to cook, good to eat
Tamarind Powder/paste   Better to bring
Rava/Suji/Poha 1 Kg This is very helpful in beginning
Elaichi   optional
Papad 2-3 packets optional
Pickles - If you bring, make sure that the packing is good and leak proof

Make sure that all vessels are Flat-Bottomed, because most of the stoves here are electric.

Pressure Cooker 3litres/5litres 1 Bigger the Better
Spare Gaskets 2-3  
Frying pan [Non- Stick] 1 Bring Good Quality one
Spoons Small size 3-4  
Big spoons/ serving spoons 2  
Plates/Dishes 2 Ceramic/Microwavable eating plates, important. can buy here also
Glasses 2  
Tongs 1  
Kadhai 1 Medium size
Utensils 3 Medium/big size
Tea filter 1  
Tea Pan 1  
Cutting Board 1 optional/cheaply available here
Cooking book 1 Mother's Recipe highly recommended
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