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ISA Est. at OU in 1962

On Campus Housing


On campus apartments are owned and maintained by the University of Oklahoma. To understand how the apartment looks like, view the plan and for the latest information, we encourage you to visit the following website.

Booking a university apartment from where you are is not a problem, since you can fill out an application online. However, actually getting an apartment may be a rather difficult task, as there are many people on the waiting list. Each year ISA tries to book some apartments for the incoming new students. However, these are meant only to serve as temporary accommodation upon arrival. You will need to fill out an application online or contact the apartment manager to arrange for permanent accommodation.

212-A Wadsack Drive (405-325-4431)

2 Bedroom Furnished $693.00
2 Bedroom Unfurnished $615.00

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Krettli apartments

Two Bedroom Apartments
1 Bathroom - $509/month per person
2 Bathroom - $578/month per person

Four Bedroom Apartments
2 Bathroom - $494/month per person

(Fully furnished and Inclusive of Electricity and Cable TV service)

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How to apply to university appartments?

Visit the following link:

Disclaimer: These rates were acquired by our website maintenance team. We would like to state that any incorrect information that may be provided here may have been made available by various reliable sources and does not implicate any misinformation on ISA's part. We disclaim all endowments provided above.

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