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ISA Est. at OU in 1962

Department Liaison

Through this forum, you can gain information/advice from existing Indian Students in these departments. Please note that this program is set-up to share only academic or departmental information. The department name and the number of liaisons are as follows:
College of Architecture
Charu Arora
School of Microbiology
Aarthi Varman
School of Computer Science
Rahul Shukla
School of Electrical and Computer Engg
Sree Harish Kumar Reddy Gadigota
School of Biochemistry
Rahul S Kadam
School of Mathematics
Varadharaj R Srinivasan
School of Geology and Geosciences
Dileep K Tiwary
School of Environmental Engg
Sri Vidhya
School of Civil Engg
Pranshoo Solanki
M.F Price College of Business
Swaminathan Alagappan
School of Industrial Engg
Harshal Jain
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engg
Vinay Singh
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